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Topic Overview

Copernicus 2012

Previous Galaxy Classes have featured some of the following topics.
For 2015 the format will be changing, but this is an idea of what to expect.

Earth from Space
Aurora Borealis
Space Weather
The Moon
Solar Eclipse
Transit of Venus
Structure of the Sun
Sun Tornadoes
Mars & Curiosity Rover
Minor-Planet Ceres
Huygens Probe Landing on Titan
Scale of the Universe
Structure of the MIlky Way
Galactic Center & Sagittarius A*
Globular Clusters
Active vs. Hibernating Galaxies
Energy Beams from the Galactic Core
Supernova & Nucleosynthesis
Planetary Nebula
Organic Molecules in Space
Water in Space
UFO’s & Alien Life
The Drake Equation
Exo-Planets & the Kepler Telescope
Types of Exo-Planets
Large-Scale Galactic Structure
Types of Galaxies with Examples
Local Galactic Neighbourhood
Galaxy Clusters
Hubble & James Webb Space Telescopes
Hubble Ultra Deep Field
GAIA Mission