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Multiverse is an interactive galactic mapping and live visuals environment. It is a 3D map of the cosmos around the Milky Way galaxy, out to a radius of 100 million light years. The environment is typically projected onto one or several screens to create an immersive and educational astronomy experience. The program features high-resolution images (from the Hubble Space Telescope, for example) and information for hundreds of galaxies positioned at their actual sky coordinates. It also features a solar system visualizer with planets & moons moving according to their actual orbital parameters. Multiverse can be navigated with a 3D joystick, a touch screen, and a Leap Motion controller, allowing control with hand gestures. The environment also has special effects that can be synced to music, video mixing capability, and intelligent integration with stage lighting, making it ideal for live audio-visual presentation and performance.

Multiverse is created with TouchDesigner software. Multiverse is a rapidly evolving Work in Progress since its inception in March 2014.

In August 2014 I was interviewed and an article was written about the project. The story was published by newspapers across Canada, including the Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, and over a dozen other publications. Here is the article from the Star: Toronto Star Multiverse Article

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