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Galaxy Class is a live multimedia presentation about astronomy and the Universe, with amazing information about planets, stars, galaxies and beyond.

Galaxy Class @ Inshala 2013

Galaxy Class is a multimedia presentation about galaxies, the Milky Way, the Solar System, and the wonders of the Universe. You’ll learn about some of the more mysterious phenomenon found in outer space, and discover how the Earth relates to our extra-galactic neighbourhood. Galaxy Class features high-quality images and video clips that showcase recent and exciting discoveries in space & astronomy. Also featured is the Multiverse galactic mapping project, which is an interactive 3D map of the local Universe. A Galaxy Class presentation is typically between 60-90 minutes in length.

Galaxy Class is here to help bring a greater appreciation for the majesty of the galactic Cosmos. My intent is to promote a scientific basis for adopting a world paradigm that includes galaxies as a part of our cultural mythology and geographic awareness — which can be poetically described as encouraging “galactic consciousness”. The class is an entertaining and educational trip through the Universe that is sure to expand your (event) horizons.

Read the current Topic Overview or see the Schedule for a list of upcoming & previous classes. If you have any questions please use the Contact Page.


“As one of the conference coordinators of Entheos Gathering and a participant at Inshala Gathering I have had the pleasure of witnessing Galaxy Class presentations. Each of these has combined a breadth of knowledge with wit and entertainment which have made it a memorable event each time for everyone present. It is a delight to see passion for the subject matter convey itself creatively in a way that I believe can be appreciated by all ages.”
- Sobey Wing
Entheos Conference, Evolver Network Coordinator

“Matt’s Galaxy Class has been a highlight of events I’ve attended. His knowledge, combined with the amazing visual presentation, is remarkable and with just the right dose of humour.”
- Wendy Nova

“I’ll never miss Galaxy Class if I am anywhere in the vicinity. It’s definitely a highlight of my times with otherwise musical weekends. I look forward to getting an update. You expand our thinking and wondering, while sharing current info. Thanks!”
- Linda Rightmire